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Top SEO Experts for Real Estate and More – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

When working in the real estate trenches, I have been writing over 3000 words a day on a various blogs.

Google Plus SEO - Search engine optimization for realtorsThis was great back in the day until the advent of the Real Estate syndication websites.

They are publicly traded companies and it is hard to compete.

I was on page 1 of Google for most Keyword Phrases, but today, I’m not on page one for as many as I was in the past.

The top of most searches render the Real Estate Syndication websites.

This is the reason I follow the Top SEO Experts on Google Plus, is so I can have the edge when it comes to keeping the ground I have acquired and not giving up any.

They are all stellar and will be great to include in your circles.

If you need help, they are willing to give it, some at a cost and some for free.

Just don’t try to get to third base on the first date with those that are not charging for their services. They will figure you out sooner than you may think.

Here are the Top SEO Experts on Google Plus for Realtors and other Businesses:

Al Remetch

Bobby Carroll

Ciao Bella Marketing

Dave Keys

Gen X 3d real estate website SEO

Joshua Berg

Kevin Harper

Laura Scheer

Mark Traphagen

Michael George

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate SEO

Search Engine Optimization

SEO on Google Plus

SEO News

These are in alphabetical order. A wonder for a Motor Cop :) – enjoy the resources and be sure to reach out gently to each one and make them your friend.

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Google + Real Estate Industry – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Top Realtors and real estate professionals on Google Plus
Here are the Top to date.
Alphabetical order to be sure.
Some of the top Real Estate professionals on Google Plus.
The Double Deuce – some of the finest minds in the Real Estate world, not to mention where they find buyers for their sellers and visa versa – Google Plus.
The one thing, if I had to choose only one, that sets these professionals apart from most others in the industry, it they always Give First.
They are not the typical “taker” – those in sales who have been conditioned, or by nature, that interrupt others with their tripe over and over again.  Those that never take the time to “elevate” another.
BTW – for my circles, I do not show preference between someone who is my friend, acquaintance or inside of other of my “circles” on google plus.
Everyone is my Brother or Sister, depending on Gender :)
I have them all in my circles and will continue to present the new “sharers” that come up with regard to the best Real Estate Representatives on Google +.

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