REMAX of Valencia CA offices phone number is 661-284-5430

When you are doing a search online for REMAX of Valencia, you will find our phone number.

The phone number of the Paris911 Team and SCVnest.

We are those who are agents at REMAX of Valencia and we care about all of your needs that are real estate related.

If you are calling to find your Realtor, we will give you that number.

If you want to find the office manager, then we can help with that.

We are top of the SERP’s Search engine results pages, on google and bing. We are the local team that can bring you a buyer for the home you want us to sell for you.

We are those who are connected in a real estate way with everything that is REMAX and the Santa Clarita Valley / Valencia Cities.

We are SCVnest and Paris911 at REMAX and we are glad to be of service.

There is very little lag between the connections of the REMAX of Valencia CA offices and who you are looking for.

When you are looking for the BEST REMAX of Valencia has to offer – you have saved a step!

I’m Connor MacIvor and I had a feeling this post was necessary to show that we are with the REMAX of Valencia CA real estate teams.

We are local Realtors and proud to be of service.

Thanks for taking the time to see a bit of what we are about. The next time you are asking siri for the REMAX of Valencia CA offices, you will get Paris and she will also serve your real estate needs BEST!

I finally named my Saddleback leather briefcase

Carl my briefcase 2 Carl my Briefcase 3Carl. That is the name I chose for my Saddleback Leather Briefcase. It’s the thin Briefcase in the Large Size. Carbon Color (black)

I keep everything in it, everything for real estate and some more “personal” items.

There was a lot of begging involved with the wife. But, I “convinced” her it was the last briefcase I’d ever need.

The Saddleback Slogan is “They’ll fight over it when your dead…”

Plus the 100 year guarantee – why not…

It has surpassed my expectations also. It does not talk back. It does not get “hurt” and it holds all of my most important things and does not complain!

I have been considering a name. When I tell my kids, hey, “Bring me my bag” – it seems so “non personal”. Plus, this is no regular bag. I keep a gun in a bag.

I’d throw a sack lunch in a bag – this is not a bag – this is a work of art!

Carl, the name you can trust. I have known a few Carl’s and they have all been reliable types. They are the 0300am call asking if they can bail you out of jail types. :) – BTW, for the record – never have I needed that type of service, I’m just trying to make the point…

Then you have the kid from “Walking Dead…” – and there you go!

So hence my bag – Now I tell my kids, or my beloved to bring me Carl… Hey, run inside and grab Carl….  Make sure you put Carl’s strap over the headrest in the car so he does not fall onto the floor if I have to brake sharply.

Hey, get Carl out of the rain…


Carl is not without his bling! I have him outfitted with some key-holders and carabiners.

Maybe too much :( Hey, one of the key holders can open bottles – hence my name pronunciation – MacGyver!

Follow REMAX of Southern California’s board Carl, my Saddleback Leather Briefcase on Pinterest.

Some brag – we prove – here are some of our properties

Each of our properties posted below, attract buyers to our sellers listings first. When a real estate seller trusts our RE/MAX Team in listing their property, they benefit from our vast web exposure! REMAX of Santa Clarita Site. This is our very first brand with REMAX ofHow we sell our sellers homes Santa Clarita. We are the Local Realtors on a mission. One to Protect and Serve our real estate buyers and sellers above and beyond the crowd. We venture outside of the Santa Clarita Valley for those real estate clients that choose to work with us. Aliso Viejo, San Jose(that was a bit too far), Riverside, Lake Elsinore, Palmdale, Lancaster, Ventura, Oxnard, Los Angeles, etc.. – REMAX of Valencia CA Site. This is a recent branding for REMAX of Valencia. We are the Total Real Estate Resource for the Santa Clarita Valley and Beyond!

YouTube Channel – Santa Clarita Videos. This is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to our local Real estate videos. We talk about the issues that continue to confront the real estate sellers and real estate buyers in the Santa Clarita Valley and Beyond. – Real Estate intel blog. This property was developed and has been built along side of our main Brand. We talk about real estate, write pages and posts adnauseum. When it come to real estate knowledge, you will find no equal. – Foreclosures and Distressed Homes. This system was developed out of necessity due to the Foreclosure Market that started back in 2007. When the big subprime lender fell, New Century Bank, it was like a row of Dominos. Everyone, that had been in the game, followed suit. Presently, we still have a Foreclosure and REO, real estate owned, market, but it’s returning to 1% levels, as we are gaining real estate market health. – REMAX Relocation Blog. This system was developed due to the call we received from those of our clients that were wanting to relocate to and from the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. Santa Clarita and Greater Los Angeles Relocation Systems. We are the relocation resource for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities. This is where we write about the relocation processes! – Valencia CA Homes and Real Estate – This system is one of those which I can coin as a newer system for real estate search, news and information. We talk about the items that concern buyers most. We also have this site enabled to not be mobile friendly on purpose. – Home Sellers Realtor Blog. This system was developed and is maintained for our real estate sellers. We write content talking about our newest real estate listings. And how our marketing plan trumps any of the local networking groups. When a buyer wants to buy a home, their agent is going to rely on the MLS. If those homes are excluded or pitched at some networking event, that’s great. However, to bring a buyer to these seller’s homes before they have been advertised and marketed properly, that is a true injustice!

Soundcloud – Real Estate Radio. Our podcast and radio show started back in the day. We have been talking to real estate sellers and buyers via our SoundCloud network. We are syndicated on iTunes and on Stitcher Radio. Just go to those platforms and type in Paris911 into the search. We talk about the issues that confront sellers and buyers most. We also get into the dynamics of the real estate market.

Selling real estate equates to attraction. When you have this many maintained real estate sites, buyers find us when it comes to search online for homes that are for sale.

Who has the largest online real estate presence? That would be us!

Of course, we “pitch” our sellers listings first. Be safe – and Let me know when you are ready. Have a look at all of our Real Estate properties and be safe…..



Customer service beyond customer service from a 9-5 Escrow Company

Best Santa Clarita Escrow

This article is about Escrow Services – FYI!

The breakdown is as follows. When you are dealing with a banker,  you are expecting them to only communicate with you between the hours of 9a-5p.

They are not going to give you their cellular phone number and they will not be returning emails during the week.

The problem with this is that there are “bankers” that will deal with you after business hours, on weekends and on holidays.

Escrow Officers and Escrow Companies are typically the same as Bankers.

The reason I’m writing this post has to do with one of our real estate transactions where the buyers we are representing need to sign loan documents after hours.

This is a must, but the escrow officer is not around nor answering calls from the agent, who hired her in the first place!

This is typical for the Escrow Industry as it is with Banks.

But, why I do not accept this fact is that we have an escrow officer that is available after hours, on weekends and during holidays.

The only time she is not, is when she is not in cell phone range.

She may hate me for this post, but I’m livid at this point, with the escrow company on the other side of a current real estate transaction.

The buyers are police officers and only have limited time to sign documents.

There are small windows for them to do so and they are not able to due to the escrow officer having the mind of a banker!

Our Lender – he responds to text messages after midnight!

Our Title Officer – as long as he is not surfing – he responds during holidays!

Our Escrow Officer – she is on it all of the time unless she is sleeping!

Who you hitch your wagon to is who you will be compared with.

In real estate, we are only as good as the team we have employed to represent our clients!

Who is my Escrow Officer? Troy Stairs with Escrow Advantage. Call her at 661.284.5111 (I have the number memorized!) Reach her by emailing

I know she won’t get paid extra for this posting, but she is good, knowledgeable and experienced.

There is no one I would rather have on my side during any real estate dealing!

Search the BEST

Spatial Match Multiple Listing Service Search by Home Junction

Custom home search BEST MLSI wrote this review, not all of it, on a Google Plus Review about Home Junction – I thought I would use our Real Estate Business Blog to expand a bit on some of the points I was making throughout my 5 Star Recommendation:

I have been in real estate since 1998 and at that time, if anyone remembers, the MLS and Search was left up to the “men behind the curtain”, a Wizard of OZ reference to Realtors and Real Estate Agents.

When we bought our first home, we were taken by the agent we chose to represent us. The arrogance and the power each exhibited – was amazing. I’m glad the playing field has leveled a bit with the “transparency” of the online real estate blogs and articles.

A few years later entered the “real estate syndication” websites. Those which take an agent’s listing – first without permission, now with “workaround” agreements between brokerages and boards of Realtors, and publicize it to the masses with more marketing dollars than the agent can imagine, effectively selling the agent’s leads back to them…

There were more than Syndication Websites – Due to the advent of the internet – It was like the wild wild west online. Agents were advertising other agents properties and most were going that way without permission. Then most of the Multiple Listing Service companies came out with agreements regarding syndication and as long as it was being done by a Licensed Agent who was also a “Realtor” in good standing, and as long as the “real listing agent” was shown on the advertisement – they were good to go.

There are several ways for a local real estate agent to “win” against the “large syndication machines” that are, BTW, for the most part, – publicly traded companies…

The power through money is hard for a local real estate agent to compete with. You are only as well known as Google thinks you are. And even they have a way for you to pay to get to the “top of their” search engine.

Don’t neglect the handshake and hug thing that works in business. It’s okay to sit behind a computer and bang away at the keys – but to hand your cards to people, perfect strangers, while you are out – directing them back to your Spatial Match search website – that is going to equate to $$$ in your pipeline.

My most effective weapon is Spatial Match MLS Search by Home Junction. This “out of the box” company and its core groups, part of the development, marketing and implementation side have built a Multiple Listing Service search engine that we are truly proud of and that keeps our clients “loyal” to our real estate team.

The search is sticky. It’s like nothing our clients have ever used. They come back for more. We find the engineers and technologically adapted clients love it a lot. Meaning, they seem to use more of its vast functionality than the other clients who also love it, just not for comps and statistics!

The system updates quickly, it’s easy to use and it has much more depth in it’s functionality than most of the “I’m going to spam the heck out of you” search platforms, that people searching for homes online are beginning to be scared to use.

It only takes a couple of times, when one of our clients is going off of the reservation, searching for real estate listings. They get several phone calls and spammed up the wazoo – just for inquiring about a real estate listing that seemed too good to be true. In the end, after they reached out to me, they found it was too good to be true :(

The links to specific searches is something that “breaks” the mold when it comes to an agent’s search.

Needless to say, but you are also able to embed specific functional maps in your website or blog. You can create more than just a link back to the specific search on the specific page of your website – you can embed that specific search on any page – rendering how you designed it.

You can then send that link to your client that was inquiring about real estate listings meeting that specific criteria.

When they arrive – they see, “Hi Bob – It’s Connor – here is your search!”

Here is “Bob’s Search”….

Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest / Google+ / Twitter – all of these platforms should be used by a Realtor that is trying to break away from the grasp of the “online marketing syndication websites” – With the “Specific Search” linking ability of Spatial Match – sharing specific properties is simple. You can also share any configuration you build on the specific map… BTW – those clicks come back to your website – not anywhere less – This is Super Important for your SEO plan…

I have this search on more of my sites than any other. It’s wonderful and I’m Blessed to have came upon Spatial Match and Home Junction several years ago when they were first getting started.

More – call me – I get nothing for referring them out and talking nice about their platform. If you are in my local market – don’t call me :) – Be safe – Connor with HONOR.

Orange Theory Fitness in Santa Clarita Valley it’s a small world

Orangetheory Fitness Santa ClaritaIt Started…

A few months ago – I was contacted by a person that I had never met – nor whom I thought I would ever meet.

He was a caller who wanted to get information on a Santa Clarita property that was for rent/lease.

I explained to him that we don’t handle those types of properties directly, but I would help him because it’s the right thing to do.

The Return…

I cannot tell you how many times, we have helped people such as he, not expecting anything in return, and had them refer those who wanted to do what we handle directly – Buying or Selling Real Estate.

Having the person we helped, come back to want us to represent them, as a buyer of real estate, happens a lot.

Philosophy – Help enough people get what they want without expectation of anything in return – and you will never be lacking in life!!!

Me Fat…

I have been hard at it and have lost 70 pounds since August 27th of 2015. I was 350 and as of July 16, 2015, today – I am currently 280 pounds.

I have been taking a facial photo every day and full body every 10 days.

One of these days, When I am where I want to be, physically and mentally – I will transcribe from my journal to a Blog that I will build – and post the daily writings, “pain and suffering” entries, with the photos etc…

I am no where finished – I will get to 230-240 and re-evaluate.

But below, is what I needed….

Off the beaten path…Fitness in Santa Clarita

I wanted to buy Green Iced-Tea, unsweetened of course, from Starbucks. I left my office which is down on The Old Road, in Stevenson Ranch, thinking about where the closest Starbucks would be.

While not the closest, I went to the Starbucks in Granary Square. I exited my vehicle and made a beeline for the entrance.

The Pitch…

A lady asked me if I wanted some information about Orange Theory – there was a table and folks with smiles across their faces…  I said I would be back – went inside Starbucks – ordered and waited.

As soon as the barista completed my order, I headed outside and, being a man of my word, I stopped by the table and said, “You have 30 seconds to sell me…”

Then one of those standing with the Orange Theory fitness shirts said, “Paris911 – you are Paris911?”

My shirt said “Paris911”, being of a LEO background, I thought he was getting cheeky….

It is a real small world…

He then said, “Connor – your name is Connor…”  I was set back on my heels – I did not tell him my name.

He proceeded to tell the young lady about a story when I helped him, several months ago, get connected to obtain a rental property.

I remembered our correspondence and thought to myself, “What a small world – you never know…”

Now, I was at a place that I had been looking for(dreaming about). I wanted to join some type of fitness class, but I did not like the local selection.

It’s not one of these Santa Clarita Fitness Boot Camps…

Drill Instructor Type of Military – belittling, screaming and telling the attendee’s they are worthless…

Too Vain – owners too interested in how “pretty and in shape” they are to pay attention to their clients…

Fitness Camps that Push past “healthy levels” – I have seen this more often than not – watching some of the attendee’s being pushed to the point of needing an ambulance…

What it is….

I wanted a place that had more of a science behind it and that was Brand New. It’s nice starting at a place at the beginning – being one of the “foundational” members. Plus – everyone is new – While I don’t think this is going to be one of those places where starting later will pose an issue, as in the ones mentioned above, New is Nice…

I signed up. I’m all in. It came at a time when the time is not exactly “right”. Everything in my world is not “aligned” and perfect.

But neither was it when I started to actively “rid myself of excess body fat…”

If I have learned one thing in my journey – thus far, it’s this…

Monday will never come and there is never a “perfect time” to start anything!

Join with Orangetheory Santa Clarita on Facebook.

Also – their online page for Orange Fitness SCV.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress and I’m really excited to join Orangetheory in Santa Clarita…

Santa Clarita Real Estate license renewal Best Company

California Bureau of Real Estate continuing educationBoth Paris and I have been in the real estate business, licensed, since 1999 and 1998 respectively.

During that time we have used different companies to handle our California Bureau of Real Estate (CaBRE) continuing education and licensing requirements demanded by the CaBRE.

Some were okay and one is the BEST we have found.

The intention of this post is not only for Santa Clarita real estate license renewals – This company is not “tied to”Santa Clarita only – Any Real Estate licensee in the State of California is able to use their service.

Per their website for California Real Estate continuing education, they have the trust of over 85,000 real estate professionals and I’m not surprised!

They have a cloud based system for CABRE license renewal.  You no longer have to depend on clunky books and are able to access the learning materials via any “internet connected” device.

This portability expands to your mobile devices too. If you have an iPad, Android Tablet, iPhone or Android Phone – you have access anywhere you are connected to the internet!

One of the advantages of the REVEI system is that it is easy to use. When you first login to their platform, you will see that. The language used is not “typical and confusing”, you actually learn via simple statements, stories and scenarios.

If you have issues, this you won’t believe, you can call. Actually, pick up the phone and speak to a real person. One that will walk you through the steps and help you with any of the processes. Also, the phone number is not hidden from public view, it’s on the homepage of their website for all to see and use!

How about a Guarantee?  They have one and it’s money back if you don’t pass, you don’t pay.

We have used other renewal sites and systems. They have been, in our experiences, labor intensive, taxing and confusing.

I love the staff at REVEI and am proud to acknowledge that where everyone can see!

Are you a California real estate Broker – they have that too!

Be safe and here is to your successful continuing education with your California Bureau of Real Estate License!

How to get more business leads – 1 helping

BTW - We have nothing to sell - Just good intel :)

BTW – We have nothing to sell – Just good intel :)

Who do you know online?

Are you in any social media venues?

Maybe you are friends with someone on Twitter?

Maybe you go back and forth chatting and sharing their tweets?

That is your start. If you are on Google Plus, find those that are of “like mind”.

Reach out to them and make the connection a bit stronger.

Maybe LinkedIn is your forte and maybe you have someone that has been extra nice to you as of late.

See what they do and give them a plug – Maybe write them a recommendation on LinkedIn?

Maybe give their product or service a shoutout on Social media – tag them.

It’s okay to help others get what they want. You will eventually stumble onto the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

You don’t have to make this your life’s mission – but once a week, be kind to someone without expectation of anything in return.

Maybe you don’t believe in anything other than what you can see, that’s fine.

However, you must admit there are positive energies that are in existence, as well as negative energies.

Why not spread out the positive ones and see what happens.

If you need our help – let me know and I’ll be there for you.

With our real estate business, we pitch the other local businesses that we use and trust.

That has given us something to talk about and to spread a positive word about.

By the way – we are not selling anything on this site. We are merely wanting to spread the word about what we have learned from building our Real Estate Business.

We hope you find the things discussed useful – let me know if you need anything at all…

Google Plus Sharing without my approval

Don't share without approval

Don’t just Share to Share – it can be Offensive!

Are you on Google Plus and did you share a post with me without my consent?

There is a better way you know.

Circle me – then interact with me and get to know me.

Heck, we may even become friends. Friends that embrace each other in the sharing of each other’s good intel with those in our Circles on Google Plus.

But, alas – parting is such sweet sorrow. I wanted to sent this to educate you and not to upset you.

Thanks for the Understanding and may I not be the first that mutes you :(

Business done the right way by a Texas Leather Craftsman

I know that you may not appreciate this, but I can show you thousands of “commerce websites” that don’t have a phone number.

I am a big fan of Moleskine. I write in my journals – ever since I quit the LAPD and when I picked Real Estate as a Full timer – from a part timer.

The sequence of my Real Estate and LAPD business was as follows:

  • 10/09/1990 – Started the LAPD Police Academy
  • August 1998 – Became a Realtor
  • March of 2007 – Quit Full Time LAPD service
  • March of 2007 – Became a Full Level III reserve officer for the LAPD
  • March of 2007 – Went from Part time to Full time Realtor at REMAX

I had been working “behind the scenes” in our Paris911 at REMAX of Santa Clarita real estate business since I became licensed as a Realtor. But, Paris MacIvor was the full time end of our business until my LAPD Severance.

Lots of Writings – It makes my mind work better!

Back to the point. I have journals reflecting info and my happenings for every 4 months, dating back to March of 2007.

I had a leather moleskine cover back in the day – a custom leather one I ordered online – but it was way too “big” and bulky.

Today I went to a Texas Leather Craftsman I grew up in Alamogordo NM, Went to Top Leather CompanyCollege in Portales NM, which are both very close to Texas – El Paso and Lubbock – respectively.

I appreciate that part of the country and appreciated the response to my order I received.

Hello there Connor MacIvor,

I see you have a paid order in my cart. We will get your leather out within 24-48 business hours and some orders ship same day. Orders will not be shipped during weekends. As soon as your leather ships, you’ll receive an email tracking number from our shipper. If you’re in the United States, UPS ground states 1-6 business days to receive your package. If you’re an international customer, UPS Worldwide Expedited says to allow 6-10 business days for your leather to arrive. Please be aware that it might sit in customs for a few days and that those rotten customs agents will want to charge you for their troubles and to help pay for your very inexpensive medical care.

If there is anything we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our PHONE number is 210-858-5210. Our email is

Thanks so much for your interest in my leather pieces.

Dave Munson

Gee – A phone number you can call to ask a question.

What about their 100 year warranty?

I’m sure the product I’m about to receive will be the best I have  ever had.

If it’s not – I feel so good about being able to call for Dave to make it right, I wrote this post bringing attention to his business being conducted in the “right way”.

Remax of Santa Clarita. Each office independently owned and operated. 25101 The Old Road, Santa Clarita CA, 91381.
(661)284-5429. DRE info: Paris MacIvor (01256647) and Connor MacIvor (01238257)

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