I AM REMAX of Santa Clarita and REMAX of Valencia

We ARE REMAX of Santa Clarita and REMAX of ValenciaAn interesting thing happened to me on my way to the office this morning.

I received a phone call by the SEO coordinator with REMAX of Santa Clarita. I guess that is his title, actually I have never asked.

My Father in Law – whom I love, is dying of Leukemia. The newest events to befall that poor man have been a pelvic fracture in three places, a fractured upper arm and pneumonia.

I merely say this because before a call takes place, research should be done.

It’s kind of like those telemarketers that call me to advertise on their systems or to do SEO for me, but they mispronounce my name or the city in which I function with my real estate business.

Google Photos – Yes – we have uploaded thousands of photos over the past 12 years into various online platforms related to REMAX of Santa Clarita and REMAX of Valencia. FYI Mr. SEO – this is Tens of Thousands of Pages and growing!

Some share our main Brand – Paris911 and others are photos of Paris, homes, clients, foreclosures, and our REMAX of Santa Clarita and REMAX of Valencia offices.

Go SCV – SCV nest – MLS best – RE/MAX Blogs – I have many online resources to be of great assistance to our sellers and buyers of real estate.

The phone numbers? This is also something that I have written about and share on may different websites that I have built and write content on.

If you start searching for REMAX of Santa Clarita or REMAX of Valencia, click on mine or Paris’ Photo – then you will start seeing us more often.

If you are logged into Google – then it will be even more frequently. Google, after all of this time, equates Connor and Paris MacIvor with REMAX of Valencia and REMAX of Santa Clarita.

What can I tell ya?  Tens of Thousands of blog posts have been written, and the internet lives forever, nothing is truly deleted, even if I wanted to change it, I could not.

Kind of like one of those “not so flattering” photos that make their way around the WWW – literally at the speed of light!

I’m going to post up our Two REMAX of Santa Clarita and REMAX of Valencia Google Local Pages below with the google map embed codes.

Enjoy and please reach out to us when you are ready for our assistance.

REMAX of Valencia – 661-284-5427

REMAX of Santa Clarita – 661-284-5429

Carl don’t make fake photos with you and celebrities

LAPD Centurions and Carl the Briefcase

It did not take too long for Carl the Briefcase to start his antics again. Today he superimposed himself over the LAPD Centurion Baseball Team photo.

Well, at least he has good taste :)

I’m thinking the camera adds about 10 pounds to Carl the Briefcase – but nothing to his much slimmer counterpart – “Carls Junior”.

Have a great day and if you end up posing with Carl the Briefcase, whether you wanted to or not, I’m sorry…

I told Carl the Briefcase about running across the street without looking

I have explained to Carl the briefcase, more than once, Look both ways before you cross the street.

Carl the Briefcase, was just so excited to do something we do almost every day, which is showing real estate to residential buyers, that he forgot himself and completely ran across the street, without stopping and looking all ways and listening.

Another issue that came up was the fact that Carl the briefcase wasn’t thinking about Carl’s Junior. Who is holding onto him for dear life.

I explained to Carl that sometimes your eyes may deceive you. So not only should you look you should stop, look, and listen.

Carl the briefcase thinking he’s a musician

I’m not sure if Carl the Briefcase can handle the truth. 

Carl the briefcase was made with love!

That is not what he cannot handle. 

It’s the fact that I’m really not his biological father. 

As far as being able to play the piano, he doesn’t practice enough. 

If you want to be good at anything, you can but need to practice perfectly. 

Thanks to Carl’s Junior for hanging around so I could get this photo op!

Carl the Briefcase and His Bling

Accessorizing Carl the Briefcase

Accessorizing anything takes time and patience.

With Carl the Briefcase and his “bling” it was no different.

I knew that carabiners, and things to hold on other things, were necessary, so out to Sports Chalet I went.

I also obtained some items from Dicks Sporting goods and Walmart, but the accessories from Sports Chalet were higher quality – at least in the Carabiner / Climbing areas.

While I don’t mind cheap – it’s hard to find cheap things that don’t break over time and I’m not equipped to waste $$$. Therefore, I will spend a little more money now so I am able to buy right the first time.

We have a Few Carabiners – We have devices, that can hold keys, remove bottle caps and that is rated to 35 lbs. I have a Zip Line Carabiner as well. Don’t laugh – you may need a zip line carabiner – or at least – Carl the Briefcase and Carls Junior the Satchel might!

Carl the Briefcase and his beginnings

Carl the Briefcase came from a Cow

A Cow.

That was the beginning of Carl the Briefcase. By the looks of it – a pretty solid cow :)

Then the folks at Saddleback Leather in Texas got ahold of his hide, making the work of art I call both Carl The Briefcase and Carl’s Junior The Satchel.

If you want to know what it takes to make a fake Carl the Briefcase and his Sidekick, Carl’s Junior the Satchel, check out this Saddleback Video – Love this guy!

Carl the Briefcase by the Fireplace at REMAX of Santa Clarita Offices

Carl the Briefcase at REMAX by the Fire

Today, we had the change to have Carl visit our main offices at REMAX of Santa Clarita CA. If you look at the photo, you will see that Carl’s Junior was in tow.

They both had a nice time in front of the fire, which was not on, because they are always very concerned about becoming dried out… :)

During their ventures with me today, we showed homes to Jessica, Roger and Vance – two separate appointments all over the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

This PM I’m meeting with a new client who is going to be attending our crash course on Real Estate.

Carl the Briefcase and Carls Junior were both happy to meet Danielle at REMAX!

Thanks for checking out Carl the Briefcase and Carls Junior on our Paris911 Business Blog.

Also – Have you ever wanted to search for only pool homes in Southern California?

Search here for all the Pool Only Homes in Southern California for sale.

Carl the briefcase ready to hit the road in Valencia CA to show homes

Carl the Briefcase with carls junior

What is it when a person loves his briefcase? When people look at him with Briefcase Envy?

It’s a love affair of sorts. This Morning, I’m headed out to view real estate listings in the Santa Clarita Valley – In Valencia, Saugus and in Canyon Country.

Here is a photo of “Carl the Briefcase” and “Carl’s Junior” – We are hitting the road early to meet our first client of the day in Castaic California to view a home on Beacon.

Let me know if you want to view real estate listings with me and tour the Santa Clarita Valley. I promise to bring Carl and Carls Junior with me…

We also hold meetings in our offices during the week and on weekends, we call it our crash course on real estate. You can visit with me during that time and potentially get a good look at Carl the Briefcase.

Carl at Starbucks Newhall Ranch road and Magic Mountain Parkway

Enjoying a cup of coffee in between appointments. The next showings will take me to about 1430 hours. and commence at 1130hrs.

First stop is in Valencia behind one of the gated communities in Bridgeport.

Search for homes in the Southern California Gated Communities

Have a great day and thanks for watching the continuing saga of Carl the Briefcase and his partner – Carls Junior!

BTW – you don’t have to take my word that this is the best briefcase that I have ever owned – you can contact Saddleback Leather to see for yourself!

I will always request an attorney and not give up my right to remain silent

a man with his hand raised on a bible oath takingWhy not just answer a few questions?

During my years as an LEO and during my “other time” on this planet I know one thing. Sometimes “agenda” gets in the way of the truth.

My Education, Experience and Knowledge, of people and life, will always dictate that I will never give up my right to remain silent and always request an attorney before answering any questions!

Even if that means that “I’m assumed guilty by the powers that be”, by me invoking my rights.

But what if you didn’t do it?

Guilt or Innocence – those aren’t the reasons why I will refuse to answer questions without the presence of my attorney.

The reason why I’m not giving up my right to remain silent and my right not to answer questions without my attorney present is because it is my right.

Is my asking for my attorney and not giving up my right to remain silent a pain in the arse of law enforcement and the criminal justice system?

Sure – it delays the processes, I know this I was a cop for a long time – but that is not the reason why I’m doing it. I understand if everyone enforced their rights, the criminal justice would stop moving forward and there would be no SMH TV shows…

This is not for everyone, some don’t mind speaking with the authorities, even their decision does not seem predicated on their innocence or guilt.

As for me, I will choose to decline to answer questions without the presence of my attorney.

Did someone die?

Men and Women of Valor died so I could have that right, and I will not take that lightly.

Call me a patriot – but it is the way it is. I am not going to let their sacrifice fall to the wayside so someone can ask me questions without me first “enforcing” my God Given Rights.

Including the right to remain silent and the right to not speak without the presence of my attorney.

Don’t be crazy, I’m not and I’m not having this discussion with myself during the writing of this blog post – JK – :) “Have a Nice Day…”

That’s it – I’m making the record October 11, 2015 at 0849hrs pst.


Remax of Santa Clarita. Each office independently owned and operated. 25101 The Old Road, Santa Clarita CA, 91381.
(661)284-5429. DRE info: Paris MacIvor (01256647) and Connor MacIvor (01238257)

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