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One of the things Paris and I love to do is eat out. Who doesn’t right?

However, sometimes it’s easier to eat in. Delivery or pick up, those two ways work well for us.

When you don’t eat at the restaurant, you always run the risk of having something that you don’t enjoy. A bad cut, funny taste, etc.. When you are at the Restaurant you can summon the server and send the food back to have it re-done or cancelled.

I just had to talk about Lucille’s BBQ, and our experiences with their “take out” yesterday.

They don’t deliver, I had to go pick up the goods – and that is fine, if it’s wrong, I can stage a complaint at the counter and get it corrected. But as far as taste, that does not happen until I get home…

We have often had take out at Lucille’s, recently I had the pleasure of meeting Gary McClain, one of the managers that was making sure the takeout orders were correct.

First of all, after speaking with Gary for a few minutes, I realized he knew ribs and cuts of meat.  I suppose being the manager of a Rib and Meat place that would be presumed. However, I have been to many other restaurants where the managers were not experts in their type of food. (this was in response to me asking if the ribs we were getting were those we had to break a tooth on or were they those that were going to fall off of the bone…) BTW - Gary was correct, they were the most succulent I had ever had…

Valencia eating

Secondly, he gave his personal “word” as Manager of this Valencia’s Lucille’s, “if there is anything wrong, make sure you call me immediately and I’ll make it right!” That is something that you cannot find at most businesses, let alone Restaurants.

I’d imagine that Gary probably won’t be at this location much longer. It seems those with a passion for what they do in the foodservice industry, move up the ladder quickly.

Thanks Gary and you are a true asset to Lucille’s in Valencia.


real estate attorney Santa Clarita and Los Angeles areasHere are some of the names in the Real Estate Attorney business. While we have not worked with everyone, we have heard good things from clients and other real estate agents as to their credibility.

You may ask why there are so many documents in a real estate transaction. Almost 2 inches of paperwork just to sell and buy a home.

There are also a lot of people involved in each transaction, Realtors, Brokerages, Escrow, Title, Pest Control, Home Inspectors, appraisers, and others.

Sometimes, people need a quality Real Estate attorney when they are not selling or buying real estate. How about wanting to go after the bank that lent them the money in the first place?

Maybe some kind of pressure from a property owner or landlord? These are all things that may require the need to speak with a Real Estate Attorney.

Here is our Updated List – We will add and substract when recommendations or negative feedback is received respectively.

The Real Estate attorney’s office locations are in Italics. That does not mean they don’t operate anywhere else. Call to see how far they reach and to get more information about their specific area of real estate expertise.

These real estate attorneys are listed in no specific order of preference.

California Real Estate Attorneys

Steven SpiererRedondo Beach CA – Real Estate and Real Estate Planning

Howard RosenSan Fernando Valley CA – Real Estate Attorney

Charles BrashSanta Clarita Valley Cities – Real Estate Attorney

Steve BeedeNorthern CA – Real Estate – Foreclosure/Short Sale

Scott KeatingSanta Clarita Valley Cities – Real Estate Attorney

Maryland Real Estate Attorneys

Dave Gormley – Southern Maryland – Real Estate and Bankruptch
301-645-4100 (Friend on Google Plus and we have be on the air together)

Please let us know of your experiences so we can keep these on the list, add others or remove them if the feedback is negative and not serving of our Real Estate Clientele.



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