How I like to handle Spam email messages

How to defeat spam on emailHave you ever been at a dinner party or business function to have your inbox start to fill up with you having “apparently” subscribed to some people’s email newsletters?

Maybe you were in a drunken state – Maybe you hit your head somewhere during the night of the event.

It could be that you told everyone you met to sign you up for their newsletter!

Most likely – you did not.

These folks are doing what the “old time” marketers love to do, they are interrupting you!

They are just adding themselves to the other “hundreds” of spam emails you are getting on a daily basis.

I was thinking recently, why not reply to see if I am able to turn the tables.

So, this is what I send to all the spam emails that are asking me for business – what do you think?

I’m Connor MacIvor with REMAX of Santa Clarita.
We have a team in place known locally as “Paris911″.
Paris is for a person, one of the team leaders and my partner.
I was the “911” with the LAPD for a long while.
Together we are
I’d sure appreciate any referrals you are able to send our way.
Please spread the word on Social Media about what you have found out about us per this response to your marketing email.
Also, on a local level – during your walk in life, if you hear anyone mention Real Estate and Santa Clarita or Los Angeles – Please drop our site and refer us out.
I am sure it will come back to you 10 fold.
Thanks again,
I’m Connor MacIvor with RE/MAX – Here is our YouTube Channel – Please subscribe to it too!
The interesting thing is some of the spammers stop sending me emails – who would have thought that “reverse psychology” and that “giving them a dose of their own medicine” could work with internet email spammers?

Teaching embedding for your Local Google Business Map on Google

If you have been lucky enough to have your local business listed on Google – Good for you.

Here are several tips and ways to make your business “Bigger” on Google.

Make sure you use Google’s tools from the mapping system for  your business and embed them, link to them and get photos from them for your website or blog.

Such as I did here.

I even did a YouTube instructional video about how to embed a Google Business and Local Places Map for some of our Local Businesses.

Google Map Tutorial:

Local REMAX on GoogleWhen we had started in the real estate business, google was no where as strong as they are today.

Below are some of the steps I took to obtain the various codes for the map, to use their link, and embed the map’s HTML into this blog post.

 REMAX of Santa Clarita Google Business

The first thing to do is to Find your Business on Google Plus for Businesses:

I just Google’d the brand name for our Santa Clarita real estate team.

REMAX of Santa Clarita

I looked at the top two results on Google Maps and see that my Paris911 Team is just below the main brokerage website.

I then selected the “B” next to the address, 25101 The Old Road, Stevenson Ranch CA, with our phone number below it. 661.284.5429

When I passed my cursor over the small balloon, it turned red and I clicked on it.

 Paris MacIvor from REMAX of Santa Clarita

The map then relocated to the “official google map page” and had my business located with some of the photos and reviews that had been posted.


Local REMAX on Google
This is my Official REMAX of Santa Clarita Official Map Page.

After you enjoy all it has to offer, let me get into how to embed it into your blog or website.

 Share or embed the Google Business Map

Prior to that, let me cover the “share link” function.

First – Let’s find it. You will look to the bottom of the page of where you are seeing your local business rendering on the map.

Toward the right at the bottom of your business being displayed on the Google map, you will see a small “gear”.

Clicking on that will give you some options.

The option on the top is the one you want. “Share or embed map”


Share the Link for Paris911

The Google Map will then supply you with two options – one for sharing of the link to this map page for your business and the other for embedding of the same into a website or blog.

For the “share link” this is suitable for sharing on Twitter, Facebook and other sites where sharing of links is allowed.

You are also able to take the code, “long or short” and hyperlink it to the text of your choosing in a blog post or on your website -etc.

Share the Map on Google

 The other function of this map interface is the “embed map” function.

There are a few choices that you can make while on this page.

You are able to choose one of the preformatted sizes for the Google Map for your Business.

You are also able to enter a custom size.

As I spoke about on the video, most of my blogs render around 800px wide, such as this business blog you are on currently.

That is where a Map of 800px would be the best choice for the rendering of my local Business that is on Google Plus.


Why Top Producer Systems is our Linch Pin

When we first became Realtors in 1998 – everything was on paper, delivered in person and with mounds of paper files everywhere.

In Fact – FAX Machines – which now are becoming a part of the past, were not trusted in 1998. Everything was delivered in person!


AOL was the hot item of the day and you had arrived if you had a 56.6 baud modem – (google it :) )Best CMS in the world for Realtors

This included information about our clients. The better the agent, the better the organizational system and the easier he was able to keep in contact with those people that already trusted him.

The keystone to any business is the ability of past clients to continue to need your services, spread the word, and refer you to their sphere of influence.

However, if you follow the path of most real estate agents, you are busy getting new clients and neglecting the past ones.

We stated with Top Producer years ago. They offered something that was contained on a CD and had the data housed in your own computer’s hard drive.

While the software worked well, it was not website based, there was no “back up” except that which you provided and if you were “away” from your computer, you could not access the data you had entered.

There were also no social media outlets and online publishing services, those platforms did not exist during the time which I am speaking of.

Today, the game has changed and we are even happier with Top Producer.

They have a think tank of people continuing to refine their systems and those ‘brains’ are outside of the box types!

This is one of those “plugs” where I am not benefitting in any way. I just love to share what works for my Team.

There are two components that I totally “wear out” when it comes to TP systems.

First – The Market Snapshot.

top producer systems

This is a entry module that now has the enhanced ability to keep your clients notified as to what is happening within their neighborhood.  Not only is the system going to monitor the current happenings and email them that information. It now has an “alert” system.

The Top Producer Alert system emails your client at the moment a new listing hits the market, the moment one closes or where the status changes.

You are always on the “top of mind” when it comes to real estate because your current and past clients see you having your finger on the pulse of their local market and always monitoring it for them.

Second – The Responsive Content Management System

Top Producer CRM

This is the system that is all web based. It’s capable of being used on all of your mobile devices, everything sync’s and it’s hotter than the center of the sun in July!

Where the rubber meets the road, keeping track of your past clients and having your leads enter the system from many of the top real estate lead generation platforms.

Who should you contact?

Clint Lomax – TP systems expert, will be glad to guide you through the process and show off what Top Producer Systems can do for you.

Email Clint by clicking on this link

Or you can call him too: 800-444-8570 X8777

Be safe – and thanks for taking the time to see how my Realtor Team operates.

What is my content mojo and real estate blogging strategy

Finding your online marketing mojoThe nice thing about being online is that you too can be an expert :)

While that statement is a bit “tongue in cheek”, just look around – isn’t everyone an expert these days?

What got me out of bed at 2:30am to write this post? I’m not sure, but this one was burning at the base of my skull and just had to be unleashed.

I attempt to do 3000 words a day in content writing. Some days the “water” flows much faster than others. Sometimes, it’s hard to shut the valve to get the “Water” to stop flowing.

Others, while I pump and pump, it seems that every word is a challenge – but push through I do.

When people ask me about “inspiration” and my “why”, I cannot help but think of myself coming from a place of mysticism. As if writing “content” is some ancient art of gaining business or exposure.

If you remember “Qui Gon” from Star Wars, he was said to be in the “old ways” referring to Jedi Mysticism and the “old religion”. I sometimes feel like that.

“Not that I want to dress like a Monk and walk the scorched Earth selling real estate, although that does sound like the beginnings of a “niche” market.”

With so many of my fellow realtors paying the large syndication websites for leads, and with some being very successful with obtaining and closing them, I cannot help but feel that maybe my ways are “outdated and old”.

Is it worth the time that I am spending online?  Punching the keys to build valuable content for those that are interested in real estate? Writing about the experiences that I and my clients have had while selling or buying homes? I do know, that for many of my clients, my articles give hope.

My clients have commented that even, “comfort and reassurance”, have been gleaned from articles produced by myself about their situations and occurrences within the real estate trenches.

I could save time and just pay the large real estate syndication websites and other portals for leads. I could step away from the computer and not take the hours a day it takes to publish my “Mojo”.

However, I think I won’t. I know I am better from writing. My clients are better from reading. Even if my articles don’t hit home runs with traffic, I feel good about being able to direct a client to the one that fits their needs.

For example, maybe a client is stumbling around in the dark about closing costs – I write an article and maybe do a video talking about what “closing costs” are in real estate.

It’s my pleasure and I hope you find your Mojo and realize that it appears that “Content Marketing” is coming around again. Now, go grab your sword!

Rochester’s Real Estate Blog and who to follow on Twitter

kyle hiscock on twitterI have been a child of social media since it’s inception. Kyle has done all of us a huge favor with his new posting about who to follow on twitter. It’s awesome and a great start for those of you who are not “Tweeting” as often as you should be.

Social Media is all about the sharing. If you find enough heavy hitters, they will share your stuff too.

That is the “win” in the mechanism within twitter.

Kyle has it right and has built a complete list of who is who, within real estate, who you should be following on Twitter.

Enjoy the posts and here is Kyle’s feed from twitter. You can learn a lot from his interaction!

Here is Kyle Hiscock’s Real Estate blog!

Customer Service Experience with Waste Management in Santa Clarita

Customer service for waste managementI am not one of those that bruises easily. In fact, my skin – it’s pretty thick. My take away from my 22+ years with the LAPD, 17 years regular then another 5 years as a reserve officer.

Cops don’t hold back when they are raking a fellow officer. The skin has to be tough.

I’m also not a complainer. I can get dished crappy customer service and ask for seconds.

However, when the HOA comes after me as a result of my trash not being picked up, I have a problem.

I called Waste Management in Santa Clarita to let them know the bags, the extra ones I called in and said would be waiting, did not get picked up.

The lady on the phone said she was going to notify dispatch and have them picked up the following day.

I thought to myself, “That was easy…”

The next day, bags were still in the street. I called Waste Management and another lady told me that dispatch cancelled my pickup.

I asked her if anyone was going to call me to let me know and she did not have an answer.

I asked if it’s often when “dispatch” cancels calls for service that the customer service people schedule and promise.

She said it was more often than they’d like. I asked her to call dispatch and she said she could not, they only accept email’s.

I thought to myself, “settle down MacIvor…”

She went on to say that they responded they could come out next Tuesday.  I told her my pick up day is on Monday, but even that day would not be soon enough.

She informed me she would call me back and would try to get dispatch to agree to Wednesday…

Wednesday came and went. I had a notification for a $500.00 dollar fine from HOA for having my trash bags on the street for more than 48 hours.

I moved the bags into the container that had been picked up on Monday and called Waste Management.  BTW – there is no other trash service provider for the SCV Cities.

I know, I checked…

I called again and a brand new lady that answered the phone, after I finished complaining, said she would have a district rep call me this afternoon.

“This afternoon” came and went, no call. During the afternoon of the following day, my telephone rang. I picked it up and it was a rep from Waste Management.

I went through this story one last time and he apologized and said he’d be at my home with new trashcans in 30 minutes and to pick up the old ones with the excess trash.

Sure enough, in 30 minutes I had two sparkling new trash cans and all the excess trash had been picked up.

Sean Chacon was the Representative from Waste Management that stopped me from starting my own rubbish pick up company.

He was stellar and took care of business without a hiccup.  He was straight forward, apologetic for issues that were not his, and represented Waste Management in the best way possible.

I’m impressed Sean – thank you for your due diligence and handling this in a prompt manner.

Should you buy an app or have a responsive website designed

Would you use an app to search for homesI am only able to speak from the vantage point of being an app user and a realtor that happens to know how to center text with HTML :)

This AM, I put together a slideshare presentation that has some of the “highlights” related to whether or not real estate clients want app’s.

Another thing that struck me is that there may be generational factors to consider.

I know a lot of millennials that are considering buying real estate, when asked if they would download an app to do so, they responded and asked me why?

A majority of who I asked of the Gen Y’ers, followed up with the question, “Why would I need an app for that?”

They understand, as I do that apps are great, but for certain things. When a person can access a website that is mobile responsive, it makes a lot of sense.

What do you think?  Would you rather have an app to search for homes or a responsive design website?

108,000 Total Views on Slideshare for our Santa Clarita Realtor Team – as of 11.19.2014

Use Slideshare for your business in Santa Clarita

We have been publishing our slideshare presentations for the past few months. With over 180k in views total, we have made a bit of a dent.

We have also obtained new clients from their exposure. We keep it simple and want to give first with regard to our real estate business.

“Giving first is always the best way in which to receive..” 
- You can quote me – I said that :)

When people have the question of how to buy a home or how they can price their home right, we build answers to those questions and present them on Slideshare.

We then take each of the presentations and share them amongst our social media channels, we publish them inside of our many real estate blogs, and here on our “helping businesses grow” website.

They are easy to view, they are simple to make, and they are very pleasant to watch.

Click on the picture above to get “transported” to our Slideshare Channel and to see some of the other presentations that we have put together.

Also, if you are not into building anything for your business, you can also upload PDF’s that have information you wish to convey to your clientele.

Have a great day and let me know how you are using Slideshare to be of better assistance to your clientele!

Seven Deadly Sins committed by Real Estate agents

How are you stacking up, sin wise?
Do you have issues that go beyond the seven deadly sins of Realtors?
If you do, maybe it’s time for another line of work :)
You may not have committed all of them, maybe only a few and those very infrequently.
It’s hard not to get caught up in the pride and ego at times.
Heck, everyone is doing it aren’t they?
The famous quotes, responses to the question of “how you are doing”, as posed to a real estate agent.
  • Me?  Heck- I’m killing it!!!
  • I’m so Buuuussssssssyyyyyyyyyyyyy…..
  • Going to list another home right now.
  • Have to attend three home inspections in the next 10 minutes…
  • “I’m Blessed” – very few say this….

Nothing wrong with a little Pride or Ego from time to time – Heh???

The problem is it runs over in other areas within your business mind and can turn prospective clients off from using your services.

There is a difference between confidence and “foolish pride”.

Never allow your personal feeling get in the way of what you have been hired for and what your clients wants to accomplish.

Be safe – search well and thanks for looking at our 7 Deadly Sins for Real Estate agents presentation.

7 deadly sins of real estate agents

Top SEO professionals for Realtors and more on Google Plus

Top SEO Experts for Real Estate and More – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

When working in the real estate trenches, I have been writing over 3000 words a day on a various blogs.

Google Plus SEO - Search engine optimization for realtorsThis was great back in the day until the advent of the Real Estate syndication websites.

They are publicly traded companies and it is hard to compete.

I was on page 1 of Google for most Keyword Phrases, but today, I’m not on page one for as many as I was in the past.

The top of most searches render the Real Estate Syndication websites.

This is the reason I follow the Top SEO Experts on Google Plus, is so I can have the edge when it comes to keeping the ground I have acquired and not giving up any.

They are all stellar and will be great to include in your circles.

If you need help, they are willing to give it, some at a cost and some for free.

Just don’t try to get to third base on the first date with those that are not charging for their services. They will figure you out sooner than you may think.

Here are the Top SEO Experts on Google Plus for Realtors and other Businesses:

Al Remetch

Bobby Carroll

Ciao Bella Marketing

Dave Keys

Gen X 3d real estate website SEO

Joshua Berg

Kevin Harper

Laura Scheer

Mark Traphagen

Michael George

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate SEO

Search Engine Optimization

SEO on Google Plus

SEO News

These are in alphabetical order. A wonder for a Motor Cop :) – enjoy the resources and be sure to reach out gently to each one and make them your friend.

Remax of Santa Clarita. Each office independently owned and operated. 25101 The Old Road, Santa Clarita CA, 91381.
(661)284-5429. DRE info: Paris MacIvor (01256647) and Connor MacIvor (01238257)