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Does it take more than will power to lose weight

by Connor T. MacIvor on June 17, 2012

April 16, 2012, that was the day that I started the Atkins diet for the third time. I’m two different occasions, in the past, the Atkins diet had prove to provide me more weight loss that I have ever experienced before.

However, the failure of the Atkins eating plan before, was not Adkins it was me. The reason I failed had to do, with me not maintaining adhering to the diet regiment.

You see, with Atkins, there is more than just limiting one’s carbohydrate intake. The diet consists of different phases. These phases, ultimately, will teach the dieter how to eat in the final product called ongoing weight loss.

One of the things that people find very difficult in today’s time is eating reasonable portions. The other thing people have difficulty with today, when it comes to dieting, is Will power.

Take it from me, when you are eating an entire pizza, or you are eating several servings of dessert, or an entire cake by yourself, you have a problem with portion control.

When you are eating these things often, without regard for your own health, and can’t stop, then you have a problem with willpower.

Can you find willpower in a box? No, will power has to come from within. It comes from the development of good habits coupled with reenforcing cues.

Where am I as far as today goes, Since starting the Atkins diet plan, two months ago, I have lost 42 pounds of weight. it has not been a walk in the park, there are many times that I had to call on extreme willpower.

My clothes fit better, I sleep better, I don’t have urges and cravings as much as I did in the beginning, and I’m overall a happier person. Because, now I know that I am capable of something greater than being a larger me.

This blog post was recorded by the speech to text feature on the iPhone via Apple. Thanks for listening have a great day and if this is been any kind of inspiration for you let me know I am Connor with Honor.

Next update in 1 month.

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