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Google Plus Update with Chris Brogan, Bill Gassett, Jeff Dowler and Elias Nathaniel

by Connor T. MacIvor on December 19, 2012

We have placed some of the latest posts that we have found on-line on Google Plus from shares of +Bill Gassett, +Jeff Dowler and +Elias Nathaniel – If you don’t know them, we consider them our friends :)

It's not even a fair fightIn fact, it was from one of the three where I learned about Chris Brogans new book.  While I’m not a reviewer of books, I love to read and listen to as many as I an get my hands on.  I remember “Trust Agents” – fitting title, not specifically about real estate agents, but it definitely applied.  +Chris Brogan‘s New Book is “Google+ for Business…” I just finished the part where Chris says he likes the Cadillac CTS…

Be Safe and enjoy the articles that my friend put together on Google+.  If you are on Google plus and want to know how to connect with me – here is my G+ account: +Connor T. MacIvor

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