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How do you do your business?

by Connor T. MacIvor on August 7, 2012

Hopefully in the best way possible. But when it comes to getting ideas, where do you turn? Do you take the caller of the day that attempts to pitch you on the next BEST internet thing? Do you take advice from one of your friends that don’t have a business like yours? Heck, maybe they don’t even have a business.

How about your parents – they always seem to have great advice, or do they? Here is the bottom line, you will find many GREAT and FREE resources on-line. Your job is to make sure those that you find on-line don’t have any “hidden” agenda. Are they really who they say they are? Maybe they are a Lead Generation company passing themselves off as a Business building company or Expert in Small business?

In either case – that is not an issue, if you knew that going in. In Real Estate Search – by the syndication websites, we have something similar going on.

There are “reputable” websites that are not being upfront with those using them to search for real estate. They build their platforms off of the money they earn by real estate agents joining their sites to get leads. How do most of these sites get their leads. Mostly by deception. If you operate a website and are running a special for only a few hours, some would leave that “live” even though the time had passed. (Remember, I said “some”)

Some of these sites leave listings that have “sold” as appearing as active. They also “eschew” the data they are publishing. They also show the wrong listing agent. They also show other “in escrow” statuses as being fully available. Etc…

Do yourselves a favor, don’t operate your business on the grounds of deception. Ask us for resources and help to build your on-line presence. We don’t charge, we only want the relationship and someone to throw good thoughts our way…

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