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Real Estate video Analytics can help you find your audience

by Connor T. MacIvor on August 1, 2012

“He that hath ears, let him hear…”  Today, ears are still great – but Video is Greater!  It’s that one on one connection, a chance to speak with your audience as if they are the only “one” in the room.

Finding one’s audience is key to being successful in business.  Where do your clients and consumers come from?  Where would you like them to come from?  We found our business founded on Law Enforcement, EMS(emergency medical services), and Teachers back in 1998.  Heck, they were what I knew best, because I was one.

We get huge feedback on our videos in which we have the Analytics activated.  We are able to watch how our Viewers are watching and how our video’s are performing across the sites where we place them.

One of the newest additions to the Santa Clarita Real Estate Arsenal of Paris911 is our change over to having all of our sites and systems mobile compliant.  On the main mobile page, you will see our “home search” in the first position, followed by several video’s.

Most people that are searching for real estate have smart phones capable of playing a YouTube video.  However, our video’s are hosted on our very own Self Hosted Video platform.  On YouTube, you may find that “other” video’s are suggested after your uploaded video finishes.

That may not be good for business, especially if that “other” video is from someone that has set up shop in your same field of endeavor.  For this reason – finding a self hosted video platform was extremely necessary for the protection of the Paris911 Brand.

Here are a few Screen Shots from the Analytics function in Easy Web Video – These are examples on “newer” video’s.  I’ll post other screen shots after they continue to build steam on the Paris911 Resource sites.



Total Minutes watched of a real estate video - to date


Whos viewing your videos and from what devices


How does our Analytics Video work

There is a lot of data contained in the Easy Web Video system.  Personally we have uploaded almost 10 gigs of video data since we first started working and self hosting our video’s on their platform.

Have a look and check them out.  If you are operating your very own business, if you want to get attention to a particular product or service, “self hosted platforms” look much more “grown up” in the eyes of the “savvy consumer”.

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