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Santa Clarita real estate radio – Questions Show July 7, 2012

by Connor T. MacIvor on July 7, 2012

With regard to real estate and our Local Santa Clarita based business, it is all about the questions.  I think that is what attracts us to working with Law Enforcement.  Case and Point – We have a couple we have been working with for several months now.  We are representing them in the purchase of a 3rd home.  They are not in a hurry – as we are not either.  They want the “right one”. That I get because most Real Estate buyers are the same way.

At the Police Station, while looking at the Bulletin Board, there was a Real Estate loan flyer.  A flyer that I used see when I worked as a full time police officer.  It indicated a city sponsored grant program and special incentive rates for Police Officers who were wanting to buy homes.

In the past, upon further investigation, when we were are of the “Real Estate representation” industry, I found programs and advertisements of this type to be B.S.. There was no city sponsored program. It was a lender with a new spin on the verbiage.  Verbiage being used to cause a positive buying decision by the Police Officers viewing the flyer and not knowing any better.  However, allow me to punch some holes into the information contained on the Bulletin Board flyer.

It touted that with a VA Loan you can buy with ZERO down.  This Lender is close – but no cigar.  There will be a very small amount that will need to be paid by the VA borrower – so It’s not ZERO!

Good Neighbor Next Door, “Officer next door” properties are available to be purchased with $100.00 down.  That is a new one on us.  And we represent Officers, Deputies, Teachers, Firefighters and EMT’s in the purchase of these homes on a weekly basis.  You can see our Page where we talk about the Good Neighbor program and the Registration you can take part in.

City of Los Angeles Grants that don’t have to be paid back – there is even a city seal on the flyer.  This one is not true in the least.  There is a ***** that talks about “it depends on the availability” of funds. – Are you seeing what I’m seeing.

Putting 3% down on a home where you don’t have to pay PMI, property mortgage insurance.  Sign me up for that one.  I think they are talking about HomePath financing via Fannie Mae.  That is true – but good luck finding a home that will finance HomePath – good luck with not having anyone else with either a larger down, a different loan program or cash not get into the “offering mix”.  There is a limited number of these properties to boot.  I would never discourage any of our buyers from wanting us to hunt for these property types.  I am just giving the data so you can understand that most Cops See as someone playing a game on them.

On today’s episode of our Radio Show – we answered some real estate questions pertaining to the following items:

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