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Technology catches up with your business

by Connor T. MacIvor on June 25, 2012

Where have we come from as a society scares me. I suppose the “how far and how fast” we have come scares me more. Remember the day of getting your mail box filled with many postcards and letters soliciting your business? I cannot say that has changed – they are still in your mail box – but there are far less today that in the past.

That is why re-living the “post card and mailers” may be a good thing. With so few people doing the “old fashioned” tried and true marketing – there may be less competition.

With regard to our Real Estate business, we are big advocates of permission based marketing. Made famous by Seth Godin – Being permission based is being positioned for others to find you when they are searching. This is better than “interruption marketing”.

The post card, tv commercial, door hanger and door knocker – those are all forms of interruption marketing. I don’t know about you – but I am not too friendly when someone interrupts my family time to sell me something at my front door.

When clearing out the mail from our mail box, I stand over our trash can. I “round file” each letter, notice and postcard that is an advertisement from a solicitor.

When watching TV, which I rarely do, I skip past the commercials when I can. I also watch many more documentaries on Netflix than I do “regular TV”. I hope to continue making myself and my family immune to commercials.

Where I’m looking for products and services is on-line. However, when searching on-line I am running into those “interruptor Marketers”. Those are being placed in the sponsored ads within every search page. My focus is on the Organic Search Results.

Located just below the Local Places Ads on Google – the Organic Ads Start. I am looking for a local company or service provider. With real estate, I’d pass over – – – – and the other “big boys of Real Estate syndication”. I’m looking for the first organic result that is a local real estate company or local real estate agent.

That is also how most of the world is searching for your service or product, by permission. Searching for real estate should not be hard. Placing your business at the top of the Search engine results pages, isn’t either. It just takes time, persistence, and patience.

Let us know if we can help you. I do phone consultations for local business owners that are trying to get a “leg up” on their competition and want to score higher on the WWW, by permission.

Thanks for reading – How do you want your business to be known for – the business that destroy’s 1000 trees? Or the business that is found when searching on-line?

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