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The perfect blogging platform – I found it

by Connor T. MacIvor on June 27, 2012

It’s not Jumlia, it’s not wordpress, it’s not another CMS or another fancy Three Letter system abbreviation. It’s the iPad. You probably thought I was going somewhere else with this post – but I’m in love.

It’s nice to fall in love all over again. For father’s day, my beloved bought me an iPad. I am not an apple guy. I have the iPhone, but I’m not an apple guy. I read Steve Jobs book, but I tell you that I am not an Apple Guy.

The computers in my office are IBM compatibles. They are not apple. While my beloved Paris has a MacBook Air and my Eldest son has one of those MacBook Pro’s, I do not, until now.

The iPad, with my bluetooth keyboard – also from apple, is awesome. I can do this anywhere, any time and with little effort. I don’t have to wait until my laptop powers up. I don’t have to try to post from my iPhone (my poor thumbs). With the WordPress App for iPad, I’m on my way the way I want to be.

Another Plus – I love the keyboard from Apple :)


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