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The real estate world opens up once again

by Connor T. MacIvor on July 18, 2012

Have you ever seen the movie that has a Real Estate agent as the hero? I’d have to say, Ive seen plenty with the real estate agent as the predator. But as a hero? Probably not. Why do you think this is?

Most people, the “world view” of realtors is that they don’t deserve the money they make. They are not to be trusted and very few states require any “formal” education to sell homes. When you look at the amount of money that can be earned from a single real estate transaction, you soon run into the amount of $$$ doctors and attorney’s make. At least the good ones :)

While I would not attempt to give you breast implants, most plastic surgeons should not buy a home without being protected from a Realtor. The Real Estate world is as it is. We do our best to represent our clients as we did protect those that we were called to serve while on the LAPD.

Today is the advent of a new real estate agent. One that has their clients best interests at heart. They are on the cutting edge of technology and have many things to offer that agents from the “old school” cannot. The learning curve is just too great for most agents to grasp.

Looking back I am glad that I had my “Full Time” start in Real Estate back in 2007. I quit my full time employment with the LAPD and joined my wife who’d been full time with our Paris911 Real Estate business at REMAX of Santa Clarita since 1999. I’d been licensed as a Real Estate agent about a year prior to Paris. But as I will tell you, there is no way anyone can have the best interests of their clients with working in the real estate business in a part time capacity.

Today, I have the best of both worlds. I was able to remain a reserve police office with the LAPD and am able to sell Real Estate on a full time basis with my Life Partner.

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