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What do you think about content marketing for your Business

by Connor T. MacIvor on August 8, 2012

What do you think about Content marketing? Have you given it much thought? Do you have a complete understanding of what it is?inbound marketing is the new black in real estate businesses

Content marketing is what is known as putting your business, service, and or product into text, photos, videos and audio files, on-line in print. The driving force behind content marketing is “permission marketing”. The very act of a person who is interested in your goods, products or services finding you on-line instead of you “interrupting them”.

The interruption marketer is the commercial that comes on during your TV show. They are also that postcard or letter you get in your mail box talking about how they are the “BEST” at what they do. You will also find the interruptor marketers putting cards within your door jam, hanging stuff on your door knob and dropping advertisements on your door step.

People in this world are starting to become more turned off by the “interruption marketer”. Most people make mental notes after they have had to carry the advertisers “door step” garbage to the trash can on more than one occasion. Their mental note usually goes something like this, “Note to self – Never use (fill in the blank), they are killing the environment…”

The BEST way? The Permission thing. That is the best way to market yourself, your business, service and or product. But how?

By Content. Content is what you can publish on-line that describes your business, service or brand via writing (like this blog post), video (Check out our Santa Clarita Realty Channel), or by pictures. If you really wrap your mind around it – you can drive traffic to you site and business by doing all three. Just don’t over do it!

There are a lot of Great Resources on-line that answer the question of, “What should I write about?” I like Copy Blogger for this. You can subscribe to their 20 part series (if I remember the number correctly :) ) Click here to go to CopyBlogger’s site to get their 20 part series

Santa Clarita business subscriptionYou can also contact us and I’ll walk you through it. Whether you call or not – get yourselves over and subscribe to our FREE tips for your Content Drive Business.  It’s Free – we have nothing to sell – and your personal information is guaranteed safe. Heck, I was a cop for 17 years and remain a Full Line LAPD reserve today – I’m accountable :) Click here to subscribe to our Business Tips by Video

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