Some don’t know anything about their product – then there are Vitamin stores like the one located in Granary Square within the Heart of Valencia CA – Earthwise Nutrition centers.

Today we had the honor of speaking with Bernard Kash from Earthwise nutrition centers.  He talked about his “why” of being in the vitamin business and wanted to relay some “health oriented” information to our listening audience.

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Vitamin Show Notes:

  • doctors mistake that killed my father –
  • 54 years old –
  • very close to father
  • Father suffered a stroke – they brushed it off in ER
  • Bernard could have saved his life
  • Lebanon – where we hail from
  • Change impact for other people’s life
  • switched in 1994 vitamin store
  • he coaches AYSO soccer
  • I’m glad you have got the benefit
  • Survived for 25 years founded in 1987 – bought in 1994
  • he went back to Lebanon
  • old timers, the new generation does not realize the value of knowledge and experience
  • the consumer geared toward walmart, costo etc
  • those are not bad resources
  • bad information in the world – biased toward the world
  • consumer has access to millions of websites
  • what makes us different – we make it a point to educate our staff
  • where did the herb come from
  • where have all of the experts gone?
  • prop 65 compliant – heavy metals – ca regulation only – high dose of lead
  • got to see it first hand – taking over
  • bio chemistry – started real estate in the late 80’s
  • friend had great earth vitamins – founded in 1971
  • early days – people did not know much about vitamins
  • OTC laboratory – Earl wrote the Vitamin Bible
  • Great earth had to know their stuff – 1994 – fell in love 1992 – with his wife, could not sell the store for what he wanted.
  • I took over – changed to Earth Wise Nutrition centers
  • Nate has been with Bernard for 12 years – NASM certified
  • Signs of how the product is made – cheap binders
  • Vitamins are really not, in theory, than food you are eating
  • derived from natural sources
  • derived from fruits and vegetables
  • Give the same ingredients to two different chef’s
  • Video of what makes a supplement work?  Check it out.
  • Products are PH balanced – the stomach does not does not absorb vitamins
  • How do you know that the pill you are taking, if they are working
  • Complete Multi – after a few days if it is working, you will feel it
  • 2. is this just going to give me expensive pee – yellow does not mean the vitamins are not being absorbed.
  • Body is absorbing and going into your system
  • Darker pee throughout the day – that is how you know the vitamin is working all day long
  • Water soluble format for body will reduct changes of toxins
  • Knowledge – employees are the key – rep-or building
  • Bernard Kash

    Owner at

    Greater Los Angeles Area 
    Health, Wellness and Fitness

Remax of Santa Clarita. Each office independently owned and operated. 25101 The Old Road, Santa Clarita CA, 91381.
(661)284-5429. DRE info: Paris MacIvor (01256647) and Connor MacIvor (01238257)

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