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Why don’t you try Content Marketing?

by Connor T. MacIvor on May 24, 2011

There are several ways to market your Local Santa Clarita Business or any business for that matter.

  • Word of Mouth and Referrals (gifts)
  • Publication Print (pay for push)
  • Postcards and Mailings (interruption marketing)
  • SEO and Web Optimization
  • Mass Email campaigns (interruption marketing)
  • Pay per Click
  • Door Drops (interruption)
  • Bill boards and Bus Benches (push marketing)
  • Television and Movie Theater (push marketing)
  • Content Marketing – (permission marketing, free, time consuming, long tail results), this is what I want to talk about today :-)

I have been listening and reading what the people at Copy Blogger have been writing for quite sometime now.  I have heard, obeyed and written content related to our Santa Clarita Real Estate business.

Thanks Copy Blogger - I know what I am nowThe funny thing is that I have never considered myself a “content marketer”.  I knew I was a LAPD regular for 17 years and a current LA Reserve Officer, I knew I was a dad of 2 boys.  I have been married 20 years this July to Paris…  I Sold Houses…

Then my Light Bulb came on and almost incinerated me.  A few days ago I was listening to “Internet Marketing for Smart People”, and Sonia Simone was asked a question by the Show Host.  The question had to do with “content marketing” and whether or not she thought it was on it’s way out or on it’s way in. Sonia’s answer pointed to her option that we were at the beginning stages of Content Marketing.

I was a bit floored.  First, I had not considered myself as a Content Marketer.  I knew I write a lot of  Valuable(I hope it is!) Content, Content where I am always attempting to answer the questions that we get from our callers and clients.  Giving value first, is the way in which I approach our Realty Business.

But, when Sonia said, “Content Marketing”… Now, I had a title and my 2.5 watt light bulb brain started to beam at over 1 million mega watts. “Now I know what I am”, I thought to myself.  ”I am a content marketer…”  ”I write content that is valuable about my passion, protecting buyers and sellers of real estate.  I got it!!!

After the conclusion of the Copy Blogger Podcast and about 3 pages of hand written notes in my Moleskine, I sat back and felt a bit more confident and relaxed.  Finally, I get it – I am a Content Marketer.

What are you with regard to your business?  Do you have stories or questions you get on a constant basis you can write about?  Have you ever given the thought that some other person in the world might be asking the question you have the capability to answer? Don’t be stingy with your knowledge – Share it, become a content marketer.

Please hit us with your comments – Let’s get the conversation going and Thanks for Reading, re-tweeting and FB liking!

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