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Why not send your clients a v-card via text message or email from your Mobile Device

by Connor T. MacIvor on July 31, 2012

If you have been following the Paris911 Brand for any time, you will know well that we love technology.  In fact, when we have one of our current technological providers totally change the game and now we cannot help but talk about it.

When it comes to EyeJot (click <——- to learn more) – they have been wonderful to use when sending Video Email’s.  Just recently they have added an Eyejot App in the apple app store.  They have it for Droid and other smart phones, it’s great.

The “outside of the box” thing came about when they made it possible to send vcards via text message, sms and email directly from your mobile phone with their new vcard app.

Here is how the scenario goes.  I’m in a drive through getting coffee.  I get up to the window – I have established a bit of a history with the clerks at this particular coffee shop.  The lady asks me about our business and I say, heck, instead of me telling you, what’s your cell number?  The gives it to me and I punch it into the app. In less than a second – she has my vcard via text. About a week later, she calls me about wanting to buy real estate and I have her and her husband in my offices attending our real estate crash course.

It happened that fast.  So am I sold on the vcard by text message and email concept?  Absolutely it works well.  In today’s technology, handing business cards out is so yesterday.  Sending someone something that will tell them about you in video form – that is so “today”.


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